Calm In The Chaos I - 2013 (Solo Show)


I love the rain. It brings with it rich childhood memories. When I smell the rain-soaked earth, I think of arriving home from ‘playing’ with tingling hands and flushed cheeks, my mother's pleads for us to come inside and our pleads for ‘five more minutes’  at last worn out.​

I rarely walk in the rain now, the sensibility of adulthood having taken over my carefree disposition. The nearest I get to it now is enjoying watching it from the comfort of a car or café, rainfall battering the windows. Like music, be it the soft pitter patter of a chilly haze, or an orchestra of thunder, lightning and downpours on the roof or window, I find calm in the chaos.​

This is why I made this journey of discovery into creating something that expresses this passion of mine as well as conveying it to others – so they too will see what I see.

I feel that the luminosity of bleach and the hidden colours that develop by using it portrays this love of rain and colour. Dye and ink colours are intense, vibrant and individual. There’s a framework within colour scales, but also an element of chance and unpredictability with this process. It is also an ongoing adventure where I continue to discover new and inspiring methods, such as using fabric dyes in my more recent works. I find inspiration in many sources – memories, city walks and photographs. When seen through a wet windshield or café window, the hazy luminescence of taillights on the road and the warm glow from neon signs smear into extended streaks of colour. This lends itself to the irregularity of the marks created when using bleach on fabric.

Calm In the Chaos II - 2014 (Solo Show)


My new exhibition is a continuation of my previous work, further exploring a subject for which my personal passion has not been extinguished. 


This time my work plays with scale and colour. I believe vibrance and light are the common link in conveying places of calm, wherever they may be. I like the degree of uncertainity that allows the imagery to rouse a sense of familiarity and stillness, without always revealing a specific location. My framing is also suggestive of windows, looking out from within, freeze framing our experiences, like stills from the movie that is, our life. 


One recurring motif that appears in my interior work is the book. Books are a window to the world and for me, an escape from the chaos. I invite you to join me in this visual narrative as I seek to silence the chaos and capture the calm that can be found in the most obvious or unexpected places.


'Faces And Places' Exhibition - 2016 (Solo Show) 


I am passionate about painting two things. One, the unexpected beauty found in urban settings and everyday life, the other, a passion for painting famous faces of the city. The first lends itself to the irregularity of bleach on fabric, the other, a challenge when capturing a likeness with a medium as unpredictable as bleach.


By painting these images of city life, I aspire to capture the essence of living in an urban setting and the everyday people who bring lifeforce to it. I am drawn to the graphic prints of umbrellas, the streak of yellow from a U-Bahn or the bright red of a London bus, flashes of colour from objects that are not designed with beauty in mind. My compositions are a ‘snapshot’ effect, with people walking in or out of the canvas, a fleeting moment, never stationary.


Every city gives birth to talented people, people who rise above the everyday and become public figures. I am drawn to trying to capture the energy of city life and the talent that emerges from it . The appeal of these very diferent subjects are for very different reasons; one, the portraits are posed and very aware of how they are being perceived, the other is the opposite, people running to catch a bus or taxi, unaware of even being looked at, but both equally appealing.


The biggest challenge using bleach on fabric is you cannot undo a mark once you have made it, you are essentially pulling an image from the darkness of the fabric, something maybe imperfect, but real. I feel that the luminosity of household bleach and the hidden colours that develop by using it , portrays my love of both subjects. Join me on this visual narrative, appreciating the faces and places of the city, perhaps your city.





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