Faces and Places


I am passionate about painting two things. One, the unexpected beauty found in urban settings and everyday life, the other, a passion for painting famous faces of the city. The first lends itself to the irregularity of bleach on fabric, the other, a challenge when capturing a likeness with a medium as unpredictable as bleach.


By painting these images of city life, I aspire to capture the essence of living in an urban setting and the everyday people who bring lifeforce to it. I am drawn to the graphic prints of umbrellas, the streak of yellow from a U-Bahn or the bright red of a London bus, flashes of colour from objects that are not designed with beauty in mind. My compositions are a ‘snapshot’ effect, with people walking in or out of the canvas, a fleeting moment, never stationary.


Every city gives birth to talented people, people who rise above the everyday and become public figures. I am drawn to trying to capture the energy of city life and the talent that emerges from it . The appeal of these very diferent subjects are for very different reasons; one, the portraits are posed and very aware of how they are being perceived, the other is the opposite, people running to catch a bus or taxi, unaware of even being looked at, but both equally appealing.


The biggest challenge using bleach on fabric is you cannot undo a mark once you have made it, you are essentially pulling an image from the darkness of the fabric, something maybe imperfect, but real. I feel that the luminosity of household bleach and the hidden colours that develop by using it , portrays my love of both subjects. Join me on this visual narrative, appreciating the faces and places of the city, perhaps your city.

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