Rain is a powerful thing. 

A vivid reminder of rich childhood memories. The smell of rain-soaked earth brings visions of flushed cheeks and drenched clothing, tingling hands and soaking socks.

Mother’s pleading at the door to come inside while cries for “Five more minutes!” ring out and the sound of puddle splashing can be heard.

As we grow older, the sensibilities of adulthood can take over a carefree disposition. Like music though, the soft pitter patter of a chilly haze or an orchestra of thunder, lightning and downpours on the roof, still brings calm in the chaos. Like a fresh wash of rain, bleach develops an underlay of hidden colours. Colours that are intense, vibrant and individual. An element of chance and unpredictability in the process.           


I’m inspired by memories, city walks and photographs. The irregularity of the marks created when using bleach are reminiscent of the hazy luminescence of taillights or the warm glow from neon signs, that smear into extended streaks of colour.

‘Calm in the Chaos’

© 2020 JULIE POTTER. All rights reserved.