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September 22, 2018

Julie Potter – Faces and Places – The Healing Touch

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I have a tendency to relate all happenings over the last five years back to the day it all ended and all started August 31st 2011, my life is now ‘before’ or ‘after’ that day. I wasn’t looking for a new beginning and I had no desire to lose anything of my current life, but sometimes you don’t get a choice and you find yourself looking towards a life you would never have imagined…one that continues endlessly into the future… without Paul!

One of the most beautiful souls I have ever known left this world on his own accord. The many reasons that would bring a person to the point where believing that removing themselves from this world is the only solution for all those that love them pale to insignificance. The heartbreak lies in realising they they believed that they were the problem.


We’ll Walk – Julie Potter


Following Pauls death we all started taking more time to do the things we loved, a natural inclination that we supported each other in. Doing the things you love helps to heal your heart, its a long process and has taken years …but it works!

Julie had been teaching Art in Dublin, and still is, but had not been indulging in any of her own work. As teenagers we used to love going into Penneys, buying cheap t-shirts and cutting them into funkier versions, spray painting designs and sewing new shapes. We were often mistaken for sisters myself and Julie, I liked the idea, we matched, Julie was arty and I was crafty! This was one of those forgotten pastimes that brought so much joy but that we ‘grew out of’ or ‘moved on from’. Then Julie got the itch again, it started for me with a hoody, using bleach, she created two silhouettes, a girl with a Surfboard and a Kitesurfer.


That hoody brought me great comfort, I wore it like a hug. Then a second hoody emerged, a mans hoody, she’d created an image that reflected the ethos of the friendships we shared and a common phrase we used…havin’ a laugh!


Havin’ A Laugh!


The seeds of ideas were sprouting.

One year on and we were all still working on healing the past. I couldn’t see at that time that I was taking my first steps on a whole new journey. A journey that was supported by amazing family and mindblowing friendships, old and new! But I wasn’t the only one, new chapters were opening in all of our lives, changed careers, old hobbies revisited, new hobbies found. Many many new chapters and we supported each other through it all, we became better at being good people to each other and it felt good.


Julie was on a journey too, the colours of her journey decorated mine with beauty, softness and calm. She’d disappear for a time, then re-emerged with a new piece of art, giant canvases, no longer using ripped up t-shirts having instead moved on to using industrial rolls of black t-shirt fabric. Her partner built her an Art studio in their garden and in what seemed a very short time she had enough work for an exhibition… Calm in the Chaos. It represented for me all that we had been through, finding peace and sometimes mischief in the raindrops of an endlessly rainy day.



Broken Brollies – Julie Potter


Five years on and Julie is having her third solo exhibition, entitled ‘Faces and Places’. There is one line from her artist statement that has prompted me to put pen to paper myself …

‘You are essentially pulling an image from the darkness of the fabric, something maybe imperfect, but always real.”

We have to accept that life has its darkness, they cannot be avoided. But the images we choose to pull from the darkness creates the canvas of our new life. With ‘Face and Places’ I think of the friends we have, the family we love, and the places we go together to share the moments of our life.



Family Time – Julie Potter


Thank you Julie, my soul Sista for sharing this life’s journey.



Julie’s new exhibition Faces & Places opens Thursday evening 16th June in Dublin, we would love to have you join us.





Written by Blaithin Sweeney






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