'Painting Is Just Another Way Of Keeping A Diary' - Pablo Picasso

February 23, 2019

'Once Upon A Bicycle' - household bleach and acrylic on black cotton.



I have two older brothers. My sole purpose as a kid was to be part of their adventures. 

Their sole purpose was to leave their annoying little sister behind. 

They tried different tactics to leave without me noticing. 

One was my mum used to brush my hair and distract me and then I'd see the bikes whizzing past the window. 

I'd inevitably start crying and whinging "you did it purposely

When I did manage to follow them as far as I could, they would always shout 'Go home Julie!' 

I wouldn't. 

Then my older brother David would turn around and say '" better bring her back'".

His adventures were always cut short to return me to safety. Alan on the other hand never looked back!

I found a photo of the three bikes and laughed. 



'Window Fog' - household bleach and acrylic on black cotton.



This painting is one I created based on a memory I have.


As a kid, I would be driving with my dad in his van, the window fogging up, writing my name and rubbing it out over and over.


I always had my hair in pigtails.I loved being high up, watching the world go by, no worries in the world, just me and my dad. If only I could be that 'present' now.




'Lexi on the Couch' - household bleach and acrylic on black cotton.



This is a painting of our family dog, Lexi.


She is a Jack Russell and originally came into the family after the death of our adored pet, Misty.


We had Misty for 13 years and losing her was heartbreaking for all the family.


We all thought we could never risk our hearts by loving another dog but sure enough in spite of ourselves we all fell head over heels for this little one.


She has a bold little tempermant but she is fiesty and spoiled and endlessly entertains us.


This is her favourite spot on the back of the couch barking at anyone that dares to walk on 'her' road.


I captured this in the evening light with the rain hitting the windows. This image makes me feel happy and secure. 



 Going For A Walk' - household bleach and acrylic on black cotton.



This is a painting of my dad walking little Lexi up Woodville Road.


My dad, since he retired, loves to walk and Lexi became his sidekick. "We're going for a walk," he always says. 


On this day I tagged along on this particular walk.


I stopped to tie my lace and when I looked up I thought to myself 'I want to capture this moment'.


I took the photo unbeknownst to either of them.


I love the way the light is hitting the road and casting their shadow.


I love the little flash of the red lead and dad in his very recognisable sleeveless jacket.


Another image that makes me feel happy, the moment captured in a way that a photo wouldn't. 




'It's Just A Shower' - household bleach and acrylic on black cotton. 


This was an image of my mum walking ahead of me on Henry Street in Dublin.


My mother had come to Dublin for the day to see my exhibition at Inspire Gallery.


It was a summers day so she was wearing her white linen trousers and sandals.


Suddenly the rain poured. My mother put up her umbrella and said 'It's just a shower'.


As she walked ahead i decided to capture it, I felt proud that she had come to see my show and wanted to secure an image of her unaware,  just for me. 



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