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"I was more than pleased with the end result. I think the best thing about the painting you created for us was that you chatted to me and got some background info and suggested including something so personal to the two of us. That made the painting absolutely unique. And that was you, not me, I never thought of it and because of that the painting is even more special".  

- Therese East

"When I seen the finished product Julie produced I was blown away, absolutely captured that moment with me and my son. The location is very special to me, I done that walk with my grandfather and have continued the tradition with my son. Julie captured that."

- Paddy Holohan

"I am delighted with my painting, the first thing that really struck me when I saw it was how natural it looked, from our facial expressions to our stance. I look at it every day and think how much it means to me to have it" 

-Brian Breheny

"I am more than pleased with my painting. It is the centre piece of my living space. Every single person that calls to my apartment comments on it and Abu Dhabi is pretty diverse, culturally and artistically. Everyone loves the painting but no one more than me! It has so much presence in my home"

- Pascal Devine

"I commissioned Julie Potter to paint a portrait of my late husband, Jon Lotzfeldt. Due to what I already knew about Julie's work, I had great expectations. I must say that they were more than fulfilled. I am very happy to have this very fine piece of Art, which is a joy to look at every day.


The whole process went smoothly. Julie got two photos and we agreed on one of them. Julie worked amazingly fast and kept me well informed all the way through. The portrait arrived here in Denmark promptly and in good shape. The price was very reasonable. I recommend Julie's work to everyone who likes unusual paintings of high quality."

- Birgith Lotzfeldt

"Julie captured everything I wanted and more on a recent commission for a family member.The idea was to visually juxtapose two parts of the world that have great meaning to us. There were so many little details that made both locations extremely personal.The result was incredible. The painting conveyed a life lead in two locations.It captured the mood of both. Its a painting that has revealed more on subsequent viewings. To say it was well received is a massive understatement"

- Des Power

" My first introduction to Julie’s art was at Art Source in the RDS this year.   I attend every year and am in awe at the amazing talent that exists in Ireland and here is one such talent – and so young!


We were directed to her display by another artist who told us that Julie was doing something totally different and amazing and boy was I so delighted that she gave us the thumbs up on that!  


There were so many of her paintings I would have loved to have bought but not unsurprisingly a lot of her art had already sold by the time I got there.


However, there was one I clapped my eye on and I just could not go home without it!   It is now in situe in my living room and to say that I cannot take my eyes off it is an understatement – it just makes the room!  


Thank you so much Julie and I will be watching out for any of your exhibitions  in the coming year.  I suggest that everyone else does too."

- Teresa Mulvoy

"When we glimpsed your stand at Artsource, we were very much drawn to the drama in the pieces, the strength of the colours, the movement in the works and the depiction of relatable, real-life experiences. It was lovely to connect with the artist in person, it adds meaning to what hangs on your wall when you’ve met the person behind the piece and have got an idea of what inspired them. You can’t beat the beauty and depth that can only be found in original work.


The painting we chose is particularly relatable for us and evokes memories. The way the raindrops glisten on the umbrella, how the light catches them, this all adds to the aesthetic and draws the eye in. It also adds a pop of colour and brightness on a rich but darker background. 


Interestingly, our 14 year old daughter went to the exhibition as part of a school trip and she too, along with her friends,  was attracted to and drawn to Julie’s stand and her work separately from being dragged/influenced by her parents.  This proves that Julie’s work is attractive to all ages." 

- Paul and Helen O' Riordan

"Julie's eye for detail is what I loved when I saw her painting of our restaurant, 'The Dog House Tea Rooms'. I then asked her to paint one of our house - again, it's just beautiful. Photos will go into boxes but the next generation will continue to hang these paintings! Julie is also very easy to chat to and understood exactly what I wanted."

-Mary Moore

"I love Julie's style of painting and admire her work. I was pleased to commission her to do a specific painting for me as a gift to a friend. The painting was of a pony and her rider, Julie captured both beautifully, making it realistic but with a creative delicacy. My friend loves her painting"  

-Denise O' Dowd

" I'm absolutely over the moon with the beautiful painting you did for us. My husband surprised me with it last week and I was speechless. You really captured us but especially our daughter with the jackets long sleeves and her skippy walk. I love it and will treasure it. Thank you so much for your hard work. You are gifted. I'm in awe.... Thanks again Julie."

- E. Kelly

"I couldn't have been happier with the painting Julie did for me.  While staying true to the photo I gave her, she added her own unique style to the painting. It was a very special photo to me as it is of my cousin who had passed away.  The likeness is amazing; I was literally in tears when I first saw it. It brings me joy every time I look at it. Thank you so much Julie".

-Claire Matthews


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