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I can create a painting that is completely personal to you and your story. Using my own style, we can work together to design a painting that commemorates a person, a memory, a place, something you want brought to life and captured forever. The ingredients I need to do it can be one photo, a collection of photographs, and/or descriptions of a memory you have. 


​If you wish you can send me a photograph of the wall space you have in mind. I can then advise you on the best size and shape to suit.

Order A Painting

The prices of commissioned paintings vary depending on size.


They can range from 195 euro up to 

3,000 or more euro depending on size. 

This price includes framing.


​Generally, the prices for commissions are:


A4 (21 x 30 cm approx.) = 195 euro

A3 (40 x 30 cm approx.) = 420 euro

A2 (42 x 60 cm approx.) = 720 euro

A1 (60 x 84 cm approx.) = 1140 euro

A0 (84 x 118 cm approx.) = 2280 euro

I can work bigger than this if necessary. 

*Please note: Prices for portrait work may vary slightly depending on the number of people included in the final painting. This is due to the time spent creating your bespoke piece. 


I would be honoured to create a 'still' from the 'movie of your life'.

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